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Thank you for your interest in BlueBear! We’re excited to bring your workspace the same level of attention that others have come to enjoy. Use this form to Schedule A Walkthrough so we can get you a free estimate.

Frequently Asked


Why Do We Need A Walkthrough?

Walkthroughs give our team a feel of your space and provides details that help us determine what it will take to do an amazing job on your facility so you and your employees have the safest and cleanest work environment possible.


Is Your Company Insured?

Absolutely. BlueBear takes pride in providing you with integrity and excellence in all we do. We are fully bonded and insured.


Can We Meet In-Person?

Yes! In most cases, this is our preferred method of performing the walkthrough as it gives our team a clearer look at the needs of your space.


Can We Do A Digital Walkthrough?

Yes! We realize that a physical, in-person walkthrough isn’t always doable so we are available to do FaceTime or Zoom walkthroughs when needed.